F.X.Buckley Steakhouses and Bars

This stunning cookbook contains a wealth of recipes which allow you to reproduce F.X. Buckley’s signature dishes from the comfort of your home. Covering all courses from starters to desserts, and including a section on cocktails, this book is perfect for lovers of great Irish food. It also contains information on the heritage of F.X. Buckley; a history of beef production in Ireland, including cattle breeds; notes on types of meat and what they’re best used for; notes on the importance of a good butcher; and an explanation of why Irish beef is the best in the world.

About the Authors:

Stephen Buckley heads up operations and development for F.X. Buckley. He visits each of the five restaurants twice a day and heads up a team of over 200 staff. Behind it all Stephen has a massive passion for Irish produce, especially beef, which he thinks is the best in the world. Stephen works closely with the chefs to develop new recipe ideas.

Katy McGuinness is the restaurant critic of The Irish Independent and a food writer whose work appears regularly in The Irish Independent’s Weekend magazine and the Sunday lifestyle section of The Sunday Times. She is the co-author of The Irish Beef Book with Pat Whelan and a member of the Irish Food Writers Guild. Katy lives in Dublin with her family, all of whom are partial to a good steak.

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