Six Generations of Meat Par Excellence

The Buckley Family has built a reputation as purveyors of quality meats for over six generations. Francis Xavier opened his first butcher shop on Moore Street in 1930 and this soon became awell-known Dublin institution. Since then it was part of a natural progression to open our own steakhouses around the city and serve our famous beef from our butchers to your table.

F.X.BUCKLEY Crow St Team

The Buckleys of Dublin

Buckley butchers has been a part of Dublin’s character and street scene for generations. In James Joyce’s Ulysses, Leopold Bloom who was a man with a taste for kidney often bought his meat in Buckley’s with some not great consequences from our butchers and knew of the best days to buy certain cuts of meat from us.

“Thursday: not a good day either for mutton kidney at Buckley’s, fried with butter, a shake of pepper” – Leopold Bloom

James Joyce, Ulysses.


James Molton print of St Patrick’s Cathedral 1793

The James Molton print of St Patrick’s Cathedral 1793 shows how Dublin butcher shops were located in that area, one of which belonged to the Buckley family.

Our Beef

"The way in which we guarantee the highest quality in beef in both texture and flavour is by choosing Irish beef and the highest grade of traditional breeds of cattle. Our prime cuts are hung on the bone at 4°C and at 80% humidity for a minimum of 28 days."
Stephen Buckley
For our beef, we use traditional cattle breeds such as Angus or Hereford for the simple reason that they taste so much better. These breeds take longer to mature so they get time to develop flavour and tenderness (usually, it will be the female or heifer beef that we serve, because we find that it is softer and more succulent). As a result, Angus and Hereford breeds are the most expensive cattle to buy as they can take up to 2 years to mature.

We also try to source some of the more rare Irish and English breeds so that we can offer our customers the chance to experience how beef tasted many years ago. We occasionally have Irish Moiled beef – the oldest breed of cow in Ireland and known for its excellent quality and recognizable flavour. Also on the menu from time to time is Dexter beef – taken from one of the smallest breeds of cow in Europe and well regarded among those who enjoy organic food.  

Tradition is important to us. We want to ensure that no breed of cow is lost to history. We believe that offering this choice is creating demand and awareness for these breeds. Statistics show there are only 400 Irish Moiled cattle left in Ireland, but you can help us ensure the future of many rare breeds by sampling these choice cuts as they become available. Why not bookmark the What’s on section to keep up to date with the more rare cuts we like to provide?


F.X.BUCKLEY Temple Bar Dry Aged fridge

What else adds to the unique F.X. BUCKLEY experience?

We dry age our beef, which means it is hung or stored on a rack to dry at about 4°C for a minimum of 28 days.

Dry aging has developed into a specialized skill that all F.X. Buckley butchers are trained in. It is not as popular with supermarkets these days as it takes time and usually results in a significant loss of weight in the beef. Up to 20% of the weight is lost due to evaporation. The process also takes up a large amount of space as each cut needs room to breathe and they require constant examination to see how they are maturing. When you dry age beef two things occur.

1. The natural enzymes and bacteria in the beef break down the muscle resulting in a more tender texture.
2. The meat darkens and the flavour becomes more concentrated and more intense as the moisture is lost.  

The benefit of this process for our patrons is to experience the concentration and saturation of natural meat flavours and superior tenderness.


Our steaks

F.X.BUCKLEY Steak Cuts blackboard

Fillet: The most tender of steaks and lean in exterior. This meat has a magnificent, subtle flavour and is available in steaks and medallions.
Sirloin: Sirloin is one of the most scrumptious steaks. It’s nearly as tender as a cut of fillet from the middle; therefore you get more prime meat for your money.
Sirloin on the bone: This steak contains the superiority of the sirloin but contains further essence by being cooked on the bone. An interesting fact is that it is also known as the Kansas City strip.
Rib eye: Delicious beefy taste, this heavily marbled cut has a ribbon of fat at its core, which melts during cooking, making the meat sensationally juicy.
Rib eye on the bone: Contains all of the essence of the rib eye with a supplementary zest by being cooked on the bone. Also branded as cowboy, tomahawk and côte de boeuf.
T-Bone: A cross cut containing the fillet and the sirloin; it contains a t-shaped bone for extra flavour.
Rump: Rich, beefy taste with a firm, juicy bite.


Cooking our steaks
We cook our steak by sealing them on a char grill to add flavour, then roasting them in the oven until they are cooked. Then we allow the steaks to rest so that the centre is not cold. This lets the juices settle so you don’t end up with blood on your plate.

How would you like it?
Our team of highly trained chefs deliver perfectly-cooked steaks consistently, and to your taste.
Blue: just seared on the outside (exception rib eye as it contains too much marbling)
Black and blue: burnt on the outside raw in the middle. It needs to be cooked on a smoking hot pan (exception rib eye as it contains too much marbling)
Rare: very cool centre (exception rib eye as it contains too much marbling)
Medium rare: red warm centre
Medium: warm pink centre
Well done: cooked through

Note: Marbling is the phrase used to describe the little flakes of fat that run through a steak. It adds tenderness and flavour. We endeavor to guarantee that our beef has just the exact amount of marbling and on the sirloin just the right quantity of fat on the outside. Do not mistake marbling with sinewy which is the stringy fat that will run through poor discounted beef that will make it tough.


F.X.BUCKLEY steak seasoning

F.X.BUCKLEY steak seasoning
We simply add salt and pepper before they are cooked, this is why we don’t have salt and pepper on the tables, instead we have our F.X.Buckley steak seasoning which contains: sea salt, pepper, dried shallots, dried garlic, cardamom seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, oregano, and smoked paprika.

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